I kind of have the impression that Benjamin just didn't work well with the regimented tasks and time pressure. I think he may be a better designer and better at construction than what we saw here. And, really, as much as I love PR, the assigned tasks, all DIY construction and 24 hour turnarounds are not how the fashion business really works. Michael Kors does not meet a client, cut, sew, and tailor a garment and have it on her in 24 hours (with breaks in the middle for filming other bits and sleep). Not even a dressmaker in your local community does that. My mom had to pay extra when getting a dress done for my wedding because she wanted it in less than six weeks and it was cut from a pattern.

I really thought Amanda should have gone. Yes, the print made the dress more interesting, but she didn't design that so much as she kind of randomly made it. If not her, Tu (who was clearly saved by his partner doing well) because that was a big mess and boring.