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but some don't seem successful at all.
Just like some of the other designers.

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I think the last dress was a bit of a mess.
I totally agree. She was also teaching at the same time and I think she was embarrassed by her design.

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They didn't even like that dress. But they liked her, so they kept her. Very interesting thought process they showed. One thing they said that fascinated me was that she doesn't reference anyone and doesn't seem to be influenced by anyone. It's as if they're people in the French Academy of Music (can't remember the exact name) who feel they've found another Debussy. This is not the usual way they speak.
Patricia is Native American...her designs are Native American inspired. Her design education is Native American, Institute of American Indian Art, Chicago Art Institute, worked with a tailor in Italy.

So Patricia she was saved by default. Michelle had in her own words....a wonderful design. Michelle didn't follow the instructions (but Michelle thought her design was the best and was wonderful)and Patricia should have been sent home because she tried and followed the instructions given?? I'm confused.

Michelle made terrible comments about Stanley's design, yet it won. But when the judges made comments about her design and they weren't even mean, they just said you didn't follow the instructions. It put her in the bottom two....she cried??? That totally confused me.

I don't think Patricia will make it to Fashion Week but she is the first designer on PR that brought a totally different design and it was refreshing to me. I hope that she will get to Fashion Week, I would love to see a collection but the time limitations will be extremely hard on her.