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Nobody is being unkind towards Kaetlyn personally. Personally, I think she is a talented skater who has the potential to medal at Worlds in the next quad if she continues to progress at the rate she is. The problem is with those behind the overhype. Ultimately, I think they are doing her a disservice by overhyping her, as the inflated expectations will act as an unwanted burden for her, which could ultimately stunt her development. She should be allowed to develop at her own rate. By allowing her to do so, I think she can ultimately become a major contender.
I think we're both in agreement regarding the overhype. That I don't dispute. And I wasn't trying to pick on you for starting this thread--- I just feel like there's been way to many threads on her on these boards in general.

I don't think anyone has been unkind toward her directly, but IMO, I think it's really easy for people to go there. It's just human nature.

Hype is nothing new -- we've seen it with Gracie Gold, Adelina/Liza/Julia/et. and many otheres. You are right that it really adversly affect people, as we've seen with Gracie and Adelina this season (though yey for Adelina for pulling a great SP at Euros!)