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My concern with all this is that 1. Ashley and Gracie are being put head-to-head in the media, which was never there before. 2. Ashley's confidence will falter because she's being hit with all this negativity as if people don't want her to succeed. I really hope Ashley goes back to her normal self after she recovers a bit. I remember watching her nationals last year and how joyful she was even though she didn't have the spotlight quite yet.
I think she will be fine. I think that tweet was just a way to release frustration. Better to do it in 140 characters than to hold in in. And I think (and Mr. P does too), she has a right to defend herself.

Reading the espnW blog, I was quite impressed of Ashley's strategy to deal with uncertainty and less-than-idea training conditions. Of course, it wasn't a full success, but from my view it could have been a whole lot worse.