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Thread: Favorite Exhibition (Gala)/Tour Programs

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    Favorite Exhibition (Gala)/Tour Programs

    National Championships are almost over and people have been complaining about inflation and the IJS/CoP. So I thought, why not talk about programs that don't fall under either category?

    Without further ado, what are your favorite exhibition programs? Or at least ones you really like?

    These are my more recent ones (since there are just too many if I list all of mine!):

    Mao Asada - 2010 Dreams on Ice - Ballade, No.1 (Tatiana Tarasova)
    Yuna Kim - 2010 All That Skate - Meditation de Thais (David Wilson)
    Yuna Kim - 2010 All That Skate Spring - All of Me (David Wilson)
    Kurt Browning - 2011 All That Skate Summer - Honey
    Kurt Browning - 2011 All That Skate Summer - Steppin' Out of My Mind
    Sasha Cohen, Kurt Browning, Todd Eldredge - 2012 Stars on Ice Japan - Party in the Park
    Fleur Maxwell - 2010 New Year's Gala - Toxic (Competitor for Luxembourg. I admit, I'd never heard of her before watching this program. Her spirals are so exquisite!)

    Michelle Kwan - 2000 Champions on Ice - The World is Not Enough
    (This is new to me. I guess Yuna's not the first lady to skate to a James Bond song! Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Debi Thomas did a routine to a Bond theme song in the late 80s as well?)

    Side note: I love any exhibition program that is either performed by Kurt Browning or Michelle Kwan. And I wish Yuna would try her hand at props. After seeing her with the hat in "All of Me" (brief moment), I'd think she could expand her gala content.

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    Great thread, aftertherain! Some more (relatively) recent exhibitions:

    Yuna Kim - Homage to Korea (not sure if this really fits, since she also performed it as an LP, but I loved it)
    Mao Asada - Jupiter
    Daisuke Takahashi - The Crisis
    Daisuke Takahashi - Primavera Portena
    Takahiko Kozuka - Sound of Silence
    Akiko Suzuki - Libertango

    These are the first that popped into my head. Will probably add more later.

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    Ooh, I do like Daisuke's "The Crisis" program!

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