Hi everyone! I'm new here but definitely not new to skating - I skated as a young kid and I'm now a mommy. I've got a question that I'm hoping someone on here can answer (sorry in advance for the somewhat long explanation...).

I know that USFS recently changed the allowed jumps in Adult Gold to be a choice of an Axel, 2Sal or 2Toe, which is what has me on a research quest to figure out where I fit in the USFS adult test/competition structure. In previous versions of the USFS rulebook (as recently as 2010), you could compete in Adult Gold if you have only successfully tested up to the ISI freestyle 6 test, but you'd have to compete Masters Intermediate-Novice or up if you passed any of the ISI FS7-10 tests (assuming, of course, that the corresponding USFS level freestyle tests were passed prior to competition).

I started skating and testing in ISI and passed the FS 7 test, which has a 2Toe and a flying camel on it. When I decided to switch over to USFS, I started to test the standard track, since that FS 7 test disallowed me from competing no lower than Intermediate. But the 2011 and later versions of the USFS rulebook do not mention the ISI tests at all. Does that mean I could compete at Adult Gold instead of Masters Intermediate-Novice (where 2Lo is allowed)? To me, this would make sense, since the jump and spin elements' difficulty for ISI FS7 and Adult Gold are about equal now, and taking 2 less tests is definitely cheaper for me.

Thanks in advance!