Good thread. One can say the same for Mirai and Rogozine from Canada. While we're on the subject of Canada, I do worry about Miss Osmond. Great season so far, but the media has her hyped to be the next Rochette. Folks were almost begging for a 'Plushenko return' from Rochette for 2014 OG. I read that there wasn't much hope or attention in ladies figure skating in Canada. It's like the ladies get no respect llike the other disciplines from what I read. I can't imagine the pressure on these Canadian women! There was no menton of a Canada's sweetheart! How sad! My wish for Osmond is that she continues to smile and have fun on the ice.
For years, it was the same for Russian women until Irina Slutskaya and Maria Butyrskaya had their fantastic breakthroughs. Now Russia has an abundance that is always under the magnifying glass. Don't forget Elizaveta T.'s enormous debut last season. Now she's a cross between almost washed-up and a classic puberty case!