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1. At the GPF, he's up against the best in the world. At Euros, the competition isn't quite as good. Witness the PCS boosts given to Joubert, Amodio, and Brezina, though. He stacks up and stands out

2. His program actually ticks off the boxes for Program components quite well. Even the resting points are well integrated performance moments.

3. Definitely overscored on Skating Skills.
I don't think point 1 is it. I'd frame it definitely: at the GPF, he went up against the best in the World, won the LP and came close to a medal. He's beaten Chan in Canada. He did two (quad) Salchows and a triple Lutz, albeit not with a blindfold Skate well enough times and the judges will eventually take notice and raise your PCS (and GOEs, too, while they're at it), especially if you are likable and charming. I'm not sure about Amodio, but Joubert and Brezina hadn't skated well in the first half of the season; Joubert specifically only skated an LP once, it was a different program and he'd been sick and was visibly struggling. So it would make sense that if they performed better, their PCS would get better.

Agreed on 2 and 3. Still, he's come such a long way; check out his performance from 2007 Worlds, it's hard to believe it's the same skater.

I vote for Fernandez as Spain's Olympic flagbearer next year.