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Stop babying the competitors. Ice dance became popular in the U.S. after Belbin and Agosto began doing well on the international stage. Prospective U.S. pairs skaters, start winning and Americans will pay attention to you. Otherwise, best wishes on your anonymity.
Right, but Belbin and Agosto didn't magically start doing well. It was the expert coaching they received in Detroit under Shpilband and Zoueva that helped guide them to start winning and thus leading the charge to change the ice dance landscape to what it looks like now. You can't just say "start winning" to skaters without them being given the guidance, resources, encouragement and support they need. If they are given the necessary "wind beneath their wings," then they'll be able to soar.

I really have to say, "There ain't no babies in figure skating, and especially NOT in pairs figure skating!" Those pairs ladies are some tough cookies who gotta have loads of trust and belief in their partner princes who throw them around pretty regularly, and who lift them ever so strongly to such great heights. Looks like a lot of fun, at least on the surface.