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ehm...at least wait the start of the competition. If carolina skate cleans with a triple triple and not doubling the salchows she is up there with kim. Kim has jumps carolina doesn't do? sorry? di I see wrong or carolina landed a perfect lutz and a flip in the long? maybe you mean that carolina has jumps that kim doesn't do...since the loop is out of kim's plans. If they both skates clean kostner has a slightly edge over kim on the technical elements since carolina plans 7 triples while kim plans 6; carolina has way better steps than yuna, I would say that her seq counts like anothet triple. As for the PCS sadly judges will reward yuna more than kostner something I cannot understand since I find Yuna's program flat compare to carolina's.
The beginning of the thread was right after Euros and the first post has "carolina strongest skater of the season should win worlds" and that was with a program with two double salchows. And the double axel. The double is normal and fine but having three jumping passes all doubles and having a great score and almost winning the FS? You get 8 spots for jumps and she used 3 for doubles and had 4 triples. I think its obvious that her plan was do flip and lutz but have no 3/3 but just do everything well including doubles at the end. Lower risk and good for GOE.

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Tuktamysheva blew the SP and was way too far behind.
Sotnikova should have won then. It is so bad to have the double salchow champion. She really looked like that was her plan and it should be that way.