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If they both hit, Kim will out-GOE Kostner on pretty much all of their jumps, which will wipe out that point advantage. Kim has better steps going into most of the jumps that Kostner telegraphs (gliding across the rink on her lutz, for example, while Kim does cross strokes into a shorter take-off on a bigger, longer jump).

And again, you have to take into count the distribution of elements and the judges WILL take into count the difficulty of the jumps Kim is skating into at the speeds she skates and the steps she takes into those jumps.

Also, you forgot one Triple Toe for Kim Yuna, so her base score is higher than Kostner's. In the program she's doing at Worlds I'm more than sure she's shooting for a 3L/3TL combo in addition to a 2A/3TL combination.

She didn't need that for the competitions she's done so far, since she could fall five times and still win against those skaters. No one was trying to peak that early in the season.
Zayak rule doesn't allow this unless Yuna takes out a triple Salchow. She's already repeating both the 3Lutz and the 3Salchow. She'll have to substitute either a triple Loop or a double Lutz.

For next season, I'd rather see her repeat the Flip than the Salchow. Something like:


A 3F+2T would get her more GOE and a much higher BV than a 3S+2T. In this layout, the only GOE disadvantage against Carolina would be the Salchow.