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Thread: Kaetlyn vs Adelina vs Liza vs Gracie

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmyers View Post
    True osmond Has only done nebelhorn and skate Canada and if she does 4cc it will be the biggest stage so far. But whoever she has faced she has beaten. If she beats Mao at 4cc if she goes that would be something.
    That's not true. Osmond was at Jr Worlds, and she didn't come close to winning Junior Worlds. She in fact didn't even medal, came 10th. Sotnikova and Gold beat her there.And there was far more competition there at Junior Worlds than she faced at the other places.

    At the other two competitions you mentioned, she capitalized on other's mistakes. Plus, who says she'll beat Wagner??????? I think Osmound has talent.. But based on that small amount of competitions, I don't think its fair to say she's a better competitor than the others.

    The best competitor of the youngsters is frankly Elizaveta. (Tukt was injured at Skate Canada if I recall) She's normally always good for 6-7 triples in the long and I don't think the same can be said for the rest.. Osmond I seem to recall has had her mistakes....

    I don't think Mao will necessarily be difficult to beat, but I think that Wagner could be for her.

    I'm frankly thrilled for Sotnikova at Euros. It seems to me like she's finally starting to get use to this level of competition/and the expectations...
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