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Thread: What happened to Julia Soldatova of Russia!

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    Question What happened to Julia Soldatova of Russia!

    Hi, I wanted to know if someone here knew what happened to Julia Soldatova of Russia. The last news I heard was that she was moving to skate for another country close to hers since she was unable to be on the world team for Russia because of all the good skaters they have so maybe someone here knows if she is still competing or not and what happened to her.

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    As of this season, Soldatova is back representing Russia again and finished I believe 2nd at the Russian Nationals. There was actually a bit of talk about her on one of the Russian Nationals threads in the Competitions section.

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    Even though of she placed second at the Nationals(she actually WON the feeskate) ,she most likely will be left out of the world team due to some rule.

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    though I don't think she's actually allowed to skate at Euros, the Russian fed are trying to get ISU to give her permission anyway. I'm not totally clear with the rule, but I think she can't skate now, since she last competed in Salt Lake, less than a year ago

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    Well, the rule says that if you switch the country you skate for, you have to sit out two seasons, and she has just switched from Belorussia back to Russia. This is actually a good rule, as it prevents skaters from going around looking for the best federation to join.

    Now, however, there is another compication. Apparently, Soldatova has never had Belorussian residency status. Therefore, according to the ISU rules, she could have never represented Belorussia in the first place. So now ISU is investigating not just Yulia, but also the Belorussian federation, as they should have never let her represent their country without the proper status.

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