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Farris had a strong season so far, gave two good performances at Nationals and is still quite young and very promising. He deserved to get both 4CC and JW. I am all for spreading the wealth but Rippon got a lot of opportunities already and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
I hope that its Farris getting a choice of one or the other. But Adam was put ahead on the Worlds alternate list too. I frankly really don't agree. Now personally I find him a bit boring, but I think the programs can slowly be more exciting... However in terms of quality he of the US men is the most likely to become a champion....

I like Brown but until I see a quad coming around and a consistent triple axel, I'm not holding my breath. I get spreading the wealth, but I can't believe the USFSA doesn't realize this kid is someone who should be getting opportunities.

I refuse to feel to bad for Jeremy. I think in terms of Adam, he's been given a TON of chances, and I don't blame USFSA for being done.