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    2013 Europeans Gala

    Just started a thread to ask a couple of questions.

    Firstly, the LTV7 stream ended at 16:00 GMT sharp, so it cut off at the end of Javier's encore. So, what happened next? I am assuming Tatiana and Maxim had already gone back home straight after the FS for the funeral of Maxim's Dad.

    Did the gala go straight into the finale after Javier?

    For that matter, does anybody have any videos of the finale? The rest of the gala was that good, I would love to see the finale!

    Also, at the start of the second half, there was a routine by a Croatian girl who was wearing what looked to me like Fred Flintstone's suit! Did anybody catch her name, as I was really impressed by her and would like to see more of her.

    Can I also say, I love the way Brian and Florian always play to the crowd! That girl in the synchro team that Brian kissed is going to be telling that story for years! (And the auld doll that he also kissed will probably be doing the same!)

    And as for Florian stripping after his gala routine, well, all the women in the audience were already going wild from the routine itself, but this just sent them through the roof!!!

    Overall, probably the best gala I've seen this year.

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