FIRST OF ALL: I am so sorry for my poor english. I am from Brazil, so english is not my native speaking language. Please, forgive me for that.

*** I have posted the analysis in Euro 2013 Ladies LP thread. But, I thought that here would be a more proper place to post***

After hearing everybody commenting about the "lack" of transitions of Caro's LP, I decided to make an analysis of the transitions of her LP. And I found that the program is not "transition-less", as some people are saying.

The program consists of 13 elements. I am gonna select every single element and see the transitions thing. So, let's begin.

Carolina begins her program with a typical opening choreography. This choreography can also be "considered" a transition, since there is edge work.

After the "opening", she prepares for the Lutz. Yes, the Lutz is telegraphed. The set up is very long, but, long straight line entrances for her flip and lutz is something that she has been doing since the beggining of her career. It is the same of complaining that she does not have a Biellmann Spin. It really does not bother me(the telegraphed flip and lutz), since the quality of the jumps is great(correct edges, no pre rotation, great height, distance, speed in and out of the jump, tight air position). Also, do not forget that the Last time Carolina attempted a 3Lz in big competition was at Vancouver Lp(she fell there in the Lutz). 3 years i an row with no Lutz.

Ok, she landed her Lutz... But, AFTER the landing of the Lutz she actually made some nice transitions (including some turns and a very short spread eagle). Also, don't forget she also makes very nice arm movements that match the timing of the song.

Watch here:

After that, she strokes a little to gain more speed(for the 2A), and, after that, she makes some more turns(similar to her SP's 3Lo entrance). After that, she skates a in a straight line and performs her 2 Axel.

Watch here:

Now, it is the flip combo...

After landing the 2A, Carolina makes some subtle steps(she also change edges few times), with arm movements, and strokes for her Flip combo.

See here:

Yes, the flip is telegraphed. But, as I have said earlier, is something that she has always done.

Now(with the Flip combo landed), she is gonna to perform some spins...

But, after landing the 3F+2T, Carolina made some more turns(with change of edge also) and goes right away to the FCCoSp... The time after the 3F combo and the Flying Entrance of her first spin is very small and she still makes some turns(that can be considered transitions). Watch here:

With the FCCoSp finished, Carolina goes to her Flying Camel...

Please, note that there are transtions after the FCCoSp and before the Flying Camel. She does not go to the Flying Camel right away skating in a straight line(there are some steps and arm movements, that match the song well)

With the Flying Camel performed, Carolina pauses. This pause is very rich and has a lot of choreography and can also be considered a transition. Watch here:

After that, she is going to her loop, lands it and make more arm movements and steps( or transitions) before stroking for her 3T+2T...

See here:

With the 3T+2T landed, Carolina makes a few arm movements and changes the direction and edges of the blades. The "direction and edges changes" can also be considered a "linking" element(or transitions). Please, note that it is not a straight line. See here:

Then, she performs her Salchow combo... With the Salchow combo landed, she goes to a CCoSp. After landing the combo and before going to the Spin, Carolina makes some steps with arm movements, that can be considered as transition).

Watch here:

She finished her spin and goes right to the footwork sequence. Her footwork is very long and difficult.

When she finished her footwork, she strokes a little to gain speed for her choreo sequence(spiral...). And, before the classic arabesque spiral she makes more transitions, with very nice and polished arm and leg moviments. The choreo sequences starts with the Spiral and the step sequences ends when she began to stroke. So, what is betweeen the end of the steps and before the spiral can be considered transtions.

Watch here:

Now, she is going to perform her Choreo Sequence, that consists of 3 elements. Carolina makes a spiral, some steps with arm movements and a "kind" o jump with the legs "crossed"(don't know if I am using the right word).

Whe she lands the jump, the Choreo Sequence is over. After the "little jump", she makes some more arm movements and steps(that can, also, be considered trnasitions) and goes to the Last Salchow.

See here:

As you can see, most of the elements have transitions going in and out(except flip and lutz that have no transitions performed before). I really think that the transitions are good, well match the song.

Just because her transitions are very smooth, fluid and subtle, it does not mean that her transitions are weak and poor.

I hope you enjoy.