Now that the dust has settled. My Thoughts!

Armin - What is going on? I think he is so talented but, something has to happen fast or he will get lost in the dust

Johnson - Thank you for skating one of the most interesting FP of the competition. His work has paid off. Now go get a quad.

Razzano - Give it at least one more try before moving on.

Adam - You needed this program during the GP. It appears that the judges have giving up hope. I did not like that outfit it gives the body line a weird look. I liked the simple one he wore in the GP.

Brown - many people like, uh.. love you. Glad that you went for the two triple axels.

Jeremy - you have no one to blame but, yourself. By far one of the best skaters in the world.

Ross - steady ross. No one's favorite but, you sure are a strong competitor.

Farris - after that disaster two years ago, you are a true champion. I don't think that Zandra is right. He should fight for Sochi not 2018.

Max - WOW, you sure can jump and you showed us how. PLease do the same at worlds.