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One should not be thought a bad person for hating gloves & ruffled shirts.

One should not be thought a bad person for liking them either.

Urmanov had some preposterous outfits, particularly the one for his Egyptian themed program. I don't remember whether he was still amateur or a pro at the time.
That one didn't have either gloves or ruffles.
There's a difference between thinking a costume is bad and casting aspersions over someone's gender by claiming that one particular skater "skated like a dude" (thus implying that the other men did not, thus were not men).

There are plenty of costumes I don't like - I hate Jason Brown's SP costume, for instance. But only because I think that between the ruffles, puffy sleeves, and asymmetrical waistcoat, it murders his natural bodyline. Not for any other reason. But I think he skates well and I don't care if he doesn't fit someone's outdated opinion of what "skating like a dude" is.