I know that there has been a lot of debate concerning COP. After watching Nationals I started to do some thinking. To me COP has diminished skating s ability to create all around strong skater who can be technical as well as artistic.

Before I start getting poked with pitchforks let me explain. Skaters today stop doing certain jumps, Yuna and Mirai the salchow, Carolina Kostner's watered down jump arsenal last season ect. I feel there are moments when skaters are too focused on bonus points instead of the artistic elements of their programs.

I also began thinking of when the last time was when the US sent a team to Worlds where 2 skaters were actual medal threats. I went back and compared today's ladies competition to the Ladies event in 96. Here's the jump content of all the medalist from both events:

1996 Nationals

Gold- Michelle Kwan
Short: 3 Lutz 2 Toe, 2Axel and 3 Toe
Long: 3 Lutz 2 Toe, 3T 3T, 2A, 3F, 3L, 3Loop, 1A

Silver- Tonia Kiatkowski
Short: 3Lutz, 3T, 2A
Long: 2A, 3Lutz 2T, 3F, 3T 2T, 3Lutz, 3Loop, and 3 Toe

Bronze- Tara Lipinski
Short: 3Lutz 2 Loop, 3F, 2A
Long: 2A, 3F, 3Lutz 2 T, 3Loop, 3S 2L (fall), 2A half loop 3 Sal, 3T

2013 Nationals

Gold: Ashley Wagner
Short: 3Flip 2Toe, 3 Loop, 2A
Long: 3F 2T 2T(tano), 2A 2T, 3S, 3Loop, 3Lutz(fall), 3Loop(fall), 3F

Silver: Gracie Gold
Short: 3Flip 3Toe(fall), 3Lutz, 1A
Long: 3Lutz 3T, 2A 3Toe, 3Loop, 2A, 3Lutz, 3F 2T 2T, 3S

Bronze: Agnes Zawadzki
Short: 3T 3T, 3Lutz, 2A(fall)
Long: 3Lutz, 3T 3T, 2F, 2A, 3S, 3Lutz(fall), 2A 2T 2loop

Gracie is the only one out of all six with the most difficult jump content but the overall field in 96 was pretty great in the all around deliverance of their tech and artistic content while this years Nationals was either a splat fest in the short or long. I don't know if its nostalgia or what but to me competitions used to be nail biters I don't feel that way now, no particular skater seems to grab me. Lutzes would be in twice in programs now your lucky if you can get one with most (Yuna and Gracie omitted of course). Any thoughts on this?

I apologize for any errors, I typed this out on my IPhone