I really, really hope Christina continues. Personally, I thought she skated wonderfully at Nationals. I loved both of her programs--the music, the choreography, the costumes, her attention to detail. I just like her overall package. I think she was very underscored in PCS, especially compared to Agnes, who I felt was ridiculously overscored.

The judges at Nationals seemed to have a clear preference for strong, fast, athletic skaters like Zawadzki and Gold and Hicks. Christina doesn't fit that mold. She is slender and doesn't have, I suppose, quite the sheer speed and power of Agnes. But she has so much delicacy and grace and sophistication and choreographic interest to her skating. I think her phrasing and attention to detail in the music is much superior to some of the other girls. Christina still has many areas she can improve in--technique and speed of spins, projection to the audience, better arch through her back in spirals and footwork, more speed, more confidence. But none of her best qualities were appreciated by the judges at Nationals, and it just seemed very unfair. I'm relieved that she at least got the 4CC assignment, which I interpret as a sign the federation still has faith and confidence in her.

The irony is I think Christina's skating is better appreciated internationally than nationally. Whereas Agnes gets these tremendous gifts at Nationals but really no respect from the international judges.

Anyhow, I hope Christina knows that she has many fans and supporters out there. And I hope she continues skating. If she does, I agree with kwanatic that Christina needs to do something very distinctive with her programs next year to get herself noticed more.