Over in the female thread, Olympia commented that:

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women think about female beauty (and gorgeous guys, too, of course), whereas straight men don't make lists of the handsomest guys.
So, being a straight man and seeing this as a challenge, I have decided to attempt to make a list of handsome males.

Be warned, it is not going to be any way near as long as the female list, for the simple reason that I have never looked at males skaters from that perspective before! And because of this, it is difficult to think of people to include!

So, I make no apology that this list predominantly consists of skaters I tend to support because I like their skating!

Florent Amodio: Firstly, I like his skin tone. I have always tended to find women that are the same colour as Florent attractive, so that is hardly surprising. Although he has lived in France for so long, Florent still has that typical Brazilian exuberance. But, he has also picked up the typical French arrogance. Put together, these give him a real presence, which is one of the things I love about him. On the other hand, I personally don’t understand what women see in muscular men.

Brian Joubert: Come on, few people can deny that Brian is probably the most handsome guy on the circuit! While Brian is undoubtedly flamboyant when he is skating, it is not in the same way as Florent. Like Florent, Brian has the typical French arrogance, but it is a more confident and controlled arrogance than the emotional Brazilian. But, unlike a certain highly-successful female Korean skater, it is not cockiness.

Artur Gachinski: Love his hair! I have always wanted to grow my hair long, just like Artur’s. But, I am one of those people that when their hair starts creeping over their ear, it feels uncomfortable. Artur also has the advantage of youth on his side. He has a great body, which we know about because he is not adverse to showing it off. If there was one skater I would want to look like, it would probably be Artur.

Fabian Bourzat: Can’t really think of what to say about Fabian, except that he has the hair, and he has an air of confidence about him (Not quite to the extent of Brian and Florent, but it’s still there). Plus, he normally has Nathalie Pechalat attached to his arm, which is always a bonus!

Charlie White: Hair again! But, he seems to be a generally happier sort of a character than the other “hair guys” I have listed.

Daisuke Takahashi: As you’ve probably worked out by now, I’ve always loved all things Japanese. Normally, I would hate the greasy look. But, Daisuke looks every inch the pop star. He is so confident and doesn’t let anything phase him. Kinda like Brian, in that respect.

Yuzuru Hanyu: If he were in a boy band, Yuzuru would be “the cute one” that all the girls would be trying to get the attention of. But, what I like about him is that he doesn’t realise this, or at least doesn’t let it go to his head. He seems so down to earth. And that is a very attractive feature in, well, anybody.

Dennis Ten: As with the Japanese, I love all things Korean (which, let’s face it, Dennis is!) There is no denying that Dennis is “cute”. But, he is far too serious! If only he could cheer up a bit, it would improve things greatly. Kinda like I said about Anastasia Martiusheva in the female thread. But, I suspect that with Dennis, some good results would make all the difference in his outlook.

Scott Moir: Scott falls into the same category as Dennis in that he is far too serious! Maybe it was because of the Olympics being in Canada that year, but back in 2010 he seemed like a good-looking, fun young guy. Remember their gala routine in Vancouver? Now, he’s so serious, and it’s putting years on him.

Since I joined this forum, I have made it obvious that I fancy Liza Tuktamysheva like mad. But, despite this, I am not going to include Johnny Weir in this list. Whilst I can see some similarity between them, I don’t think it is as big as a lot of people make out.

So, there you have it. A straight guy making a list of handsome guys. It’s not something I ever plan to repeat - it was far too difficult!!!