Thanks Omaha. Thanks for the friendly people, the clean neiborhood, the police presence, the hotels that had shuttles on demand for free. The great restaurants. Thanks for making an arena with with a good skating pitch with comfortable seats and a real esspresso stand. The sound system where I sat was good which I like but the Jumbotron, which is scheduled to be replaced in six months, was couldnt even read the scores. The only thing really bad I can say is that someone in the Omaha Sports commision, who promoted this event, needs to be tarred, feathered, keel hauled, drawn and quartered, bamboo shoots stuck under their finger nails, and then torchured. The "daily" program newspaper suppliment ($2.00) was a disaster. I and every other fan have made sure it will NOT happen at Boston. I think on the first day, there were 27 complains written down at the USFSA booth note pad. Hey, USFSA, just put a real program as part of the bid package, OK? Its not rocket science. Other than that, the Sports commision did a great job for Novice.