caroline got cheated out of at least 6 points in the short.
at least 3 points in the long.

she can skate as clean as she like, well as she likes, not get the scores she deserves or earns.

i can think of one good reason. 1) didn't want her up there-starting why back,
2) complaining her going back to worlds.
3) complaining shouldn't been up in gp when 13, when she was assigned without asking by the usfsa.\
4) the yearly overlooking of ur/downgrades of other skaters, and her continuing hawk like looking at her jumps.

why only the federation, u.s ogm medalist knows-why keep asking them. why cheated for.

hasn't figure skating learned anything regarding the lance armstrong mess about continual cheating, and lying especially to public.
wonder why fans don't want to come back.