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Thanks! So is it too late at 19 to completely revamp the basic skating skills? What would be a reasonable age range?
I don't think it is an age range so much as that she is going to need to put in a LOT of work. It gets harder the longer you have skated 'wrong' as habits are ingrained, but it's going to vary person to person how quickly (and, I suppose, IF) you can make progress. I think, as I said above, that it is more a question of how long it might take her than her age, and I'd say at least/around 2 years total (including incorporating her new skating skills into full and complete programs) is about a reasonable estimate.

It isn't that she or anyone is ever per se too old to do this. It's more a question of the time it will take, and how precious time is in the life of a competitive figure skater.