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Ohhh GOD, logic in this thread.

If a skater scores 5.8/5.8 there is room for ELEVEN more skaters ahead of them. 5.6/6.0, 5.7/6.0, 5.8/6.0, 5.9/6.0, 6.0/6.0, 6.0/5.9, 6.0/5.8, 6.0/5.7, 5.9/5.9, 5.9/5.8, and 5.8/5.9 are all higher scores.
Oh god, and now this? Of course these are the possibilities, but how likely?

5.9/6.0? I don't see any in SLC with the skate of their life that can get this kind of sjucore.
5.9/5.9? Really?
6.0/6.0? Really?
6.0/5.9? Really?
6.0/5.8? Really?

So basically, there are a bunch of combinations that can place someone ahead of Hughes, but the probability is nil/nit/zero/nada. Even if Katarina jumps like Midori, I doubt she would get these kind of scores. So no, there is no room. Door closed.