Men is going to be hard to predict, as all contenders have shown inconsistencies. Here's some numbers (GP, Nats, senior B, EC/4CC included)

Min: 243.43 (SC)
Max: 273.75 (Nats)
Average: 259.55

Verdict: Highest average, though nats results pulls it up. No definite trend, perhaps slightly rising.

Min: 222.77 (4CC)
Max: 280.40 (Nats)
Average: 251.17

Verdict: Solid average, but also the most inconsistent. Trend: Rollercoaster, I suppose...

Min: 243.74 (SA)
Max: 285.23 (Nats)
Average: 258.13

Verdict: Good average. Upward trend until 4CC.

Min: 228.78 (Nats)
Max: 274.87 (EC)
Average: 247.37

Verdict. Average lower, but Nats pulls it down and he had no competition there. Otherwise his average is 251.08. Otherwise on the rise.

Min: 192.12 (Ondrej)
Max: 261.26 (Nats)
Average: 224.45

Verdict. Low average, but he started the season slow because of UR's. Very steep rising trend.

Min: 214.25 (TEB)
Max: 250.53 (EC)
Average: 228.86

Verdict: Also slow start, but definite on the rise.

Min: 201.71 (NT)
Max: 243.52 (EC)
Average: 218.51

Verdict: Slow start, but getting it together now.