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Thread: Worlds best guesses for podiums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melon View Post
    I put Mao 1st because of her BV, if she delivers a clean program, there's noway Yuna can beat her. However, with UR and edge calls from the judges, Mao may not be able to win gold. But then again, there's that 70% rule............ very iffy to say who'll win gold.
    3rd, I honestly do not care who gets it.
    I put Mao 1st because, after 2 years away from the big international stage, becoming World Champion is bit of a tall order--even for the Queen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverFish View Post
    I put Mao 1st because, after 2 years away from the big international stage, becoming World Champion is bit of a tall order--even for the Queen.
    I agree with that too. We saw this at 2011 Worlds where she was away for an year, and we saw her making few mistakes, resulting in 2nd. But she did say she had trouble finding motivation in competing. However, this time, she's competing so that her juniors can experience Olympic experience, as well as creating figure skating more prominent sport in South Korea. And through this, she said she found motivation in competing.

    However, I'm kind of worried she might make mistakes because she didn't compete for so long... I mean she did compete at NRW and Nationals.. but that's just 2 competitions and it's minuscule compared to competitions that Mao attended. (actually, Nationals won't count because it's not even an international event, so it's just 1 competition)

    hoping for the best performance though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Li'Kitsu View Post

    If you think about how the last two worlds looked a little pale, this year is so amazing again! So many lovely ladies that I want to do well, it's really exciting. So for the predictions...

    1.) Yuna Kim
    She's the most likely to deliver clean or at least close to clean.
    2.) Mao Asada
    I don't think it would need Yuna to do several major mistakes for 4CC-Mao to overtake her. Her planned BV is over 12points higher than Yunas planned one, and even 4CC-BV tops Yunas with about 3 points. Yes, Yuna can make that difference up with +GOE, but then there's the question again how likely Yuna is to be completly clean in both SP and FS. With Mao's insane content I'm not even trying to believe she'll go clean, but 4CC + 3S instead of 2S should already give her pretty good chances to win.
    3.) Carolina Kostner
    Last season, she kept getting better and better with every competition, but this year, she skipped the grand prix. That's why I don't think she'll be mistakes-free here. If everyone is clean, Caro should win in PCS, and she has 7 triples planned in the FS. She might aswell win it, I just feel she might be the biggest question mark of the three.
    4.) Akiko Suzuki
    Simply because she rocks
    5.) Adelina Sotnikova
    This is probably a little optimistic... anyway, Adelina looked very determined to me at Euro's. I just don't want to believe it was a fluke. If she manages to skate like that again, 5th isn't out of reach for her at all.
    6.) Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
    Same as Adelina - althogh she's more likely to skate good, her PCS are really holding her down,
    7.) Ashley Wagner
    Yes, just in 7th. The major plus Ashley had at the GP was fight + making nearly no mistakes. But without a 3-3 nor even a 2A-3T she really is dependant on that. Since nats last year she had the momentum going for her, but I think her last two showings ended that streak somehow. I'm not too sure she can show off the same kind of confidence she had at the beginning of the season, or that even clean skates will give her the same marks as before (getting 66+ is probably not as likely with Yuna, Caro and a better Mao around).
    8.) Kanako Murakami
    I might even have her higher, if not for those UR's...
    9.) Kaetlyn Osmond
    Tough call here. She did good enough at 4CC for a newcomer in my opinion, and I still think she'll be a star in the future. For now, top10 is definitly doable. But she's hard to rank for me at this point.
    10.) Zijun Li
    I'd like to see her placing higher, but with her PCS that seems unlikely. Would still be a nice debut

    Other possiblities: Gracie Gold and Elene Gedevanishvili. Both can score very well, both are prone to make mistakes. Hard to predict. (Though I really, really hope Elene comes roaring back after Euro's!)
    I would have Marchei in there, before Li, she impressed all at Euros

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