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Thread: Should Plush leave Mishin?

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    I don't care if Plushenko leaves Mishin, but I think he won't ever do that.

    I'm with those who'd appreciate a better choreography from Plush. Guys from Mariinsky are not the answer. I agree with Joesitz, this is not a ballet, this is figure skating with its own specifics. Choreography on the floor and on the ice is not the same thing. Figure skating choreographer must realize that things that work on a theatre stage are not always good for a skating program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by All that Jazz
    Probably it'll never happen, but I'd love to see just once what Tarasova could do for Plushenko.
    THat'll be the day. Isn't Yagudin doing some "coaching/helping" at the Tarasova camp lately? I'm sure Plushenko would be ecstatic to get tips from Yagudin ! Not to mention Joubert works with Yagudin as of late, and Weir works with Tarasova as well. I think we can safely say the odds of Plushenko training with Tarasova are zilch.

    I don't see Plushenko leaving Mishin as long as he is still olympic eligible. But I do think it is a bit of a shame. I think another coach might relaly bring out qualities in Plushenko that he's not aware of. Mishin is so identified with Plushenko as he is and they've been together so long they've adapated to this style or are too content with it. I'm not a Plushenko fan, but he is talented and capable of more than what he does (not in terms of jumps etc, but his spins are capable of being stronger and artistry/presentation I think he could bring himself to a whole new level if someone helped him realize it was there). I think he needs to really "re-discover" something with his skating or try something completely new to keep other skaters chasing him.

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    I very much like what Mishin has done with Plushenko. Plushy has his own style, good technique, and consistency. He is not a clone of Yagudin, the way Joubert is. He would be crazy to leave Mishin who is totally devoted to him. Tarasova is not a panacea for every skater's weaknesses. Plushenko is right in staying where he is. Not only he has a coach who has known him for years, but also the warmth of his family.

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    I don't actually care if he leaves Mishin, If I were him I would stay because he ahs been so succesfull over the years with him. Yes, I think his style/choreography is getting old and he would probably develop more with another coach. But he should stay with Mishin at least until after the olympics.... Just my opinion anywayss...

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    No way! He's "Mishin POSSIBLE!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by windspirit
    but I must say that I'd love to see what others could do for and with him.
    Windspirit, I agree but I doubt we will ever find out.


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