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too many if ... I she skates her two programs clean, as she did last year at worlds ...
But, erm.... she didn't. She popped two jumps, one in the SP an one in the LP. Especially in the SP that might prove very expensive if it happens this year again - it doesn't affect her great performances for me, but it reduces the BV. That might be enough for quite a few skaters to overtake her if they're clean, Adelina and Liza clearly are two of them.

If this question means can Carolina hold them off at 2013 worlds, of course it's yes. If we're talking about next season though, it might change. Adelina and Liza are more likely than Caro to improve a lot until then. Caro's advantage are the PCS (rightfully so), but it's not as if the young russians couldn't get better in this regards. Let alone better choreography would help them a lot. By now, my guess would be that a clean Caro will still win against clean Adelina and clean Liza next year, but if she makes mistakes again, the gap won't be wide enough anymore to keep her ahead.