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Why would she have planned the second flip as a double in her FP at Worlds? That wouldn't make any sense. She performed 6 triples including two 3flips just before Worlds at Challenge Cup 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbFWbiEGO5Q, probably to try out the new jump layout as she had been doing a different one all season long.

She is listed under the entries for Challenge Cup 2013 by the way. If she really competes there I guess this is the place for her to try out her new jump layout for worlds (if she plans to change it).
Maybe this one: 3Lz/2A/3F+3T/3F+2T/3S+2T+2Lo/3S? It would be amazing (and no-one would say that she doesn't deserve the titles she wins!)