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At one point I felt the same way, based upon my own inclination as a skater towards jumps (I could do 3Flip before 3Loop) and the fact that so many women were completely omitting the Loop jump when CoP started, but further examination has made me feel otherwise.

Let's first start by looking at distant history. Many women in the 1980's were able to do 3Loop, but hardly any could do 3Flip. 3Loop was also performed by Men earlier in history than 3Flip (Dick Button did 3Loop, John Curry's hardest Triple in competition was 3Loop).
Yes, 3loop came sooner. According to a 1979 article I read, there were 8 women who had done 3loop up to that time, and no 3flips yet.

If we take into account which was performed first in history, that would suggest that 3Lutz is easier the 3flip for both men and women, but I don't think anyone is making that argument. Or that loop was easier than toe loop even though Button did it first.

Are you also looking at how many men in the 1980s, or 1970s, could do 3loop vs. 3flip?

Just out of historical curiosity, it might be interesting to make a list of as many 1980s women as we can think of who could do harder triples (loop, flip, lutz, and axel) and who could do which. Maybe I'll start a thread for that purpose.