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Thread: Polish Junior Nationals, 31 Jan - 2 Feb

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    Polish Junior Nationals, 31 Jan - 2 Feb

    Time Schedule (in Polish)
    Starting Orders/Results

    Polish Junior Nationals are starting today in Oswiecim, Poland (that's where Zagorska/Siudek originally trained, home to the biggest and most successful Polish figure skating club and incidentally where the Auschwitz concentration camp was located).

    Junior Ladies, Men and Pairs will compete. The winners will be sent to Junior Worlds.

    Junior Ice Dance took place during Three Nationals and Joanna Zajac/Cezary Zawadzki from Lodz were the only competitors and became Polish champions. I don't think they have the minimum score to go to Junior Worlds, though.

    Junior Ladies should be comfortably won by Agata Kryger who is the only Polish Junior lady at the moment to land triple jumps. She is the Senior National Champion, having landed 3t/2t, 3f and 1a in the SP and two 3toes, two 2axels and an underrotated 3s in the FS.

    Junior Men should be a close battle between Kamil Dymowski who only has 2a, 3t and 3s but is more consistent and Krzysztof Gala who has all the triples through 3axel but lacks in the PCS area and doesn't land his jumps very consistently. If Gala lands his jumps (3a in particular), he will win. But that's a big if.

    Junior Pairs will be a battle between Klatka/Chruscinski and Lech/Tyc (although not sure if they're not aged out now?).

    To be frank: Out of all these skaters Agata Kryger is the only one showing a high level of skating. I hope she kicks some major butt.
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