Who do you think is the best ladies jumper competing at the moment and who have been the best jumpers in history in your opinion and why?
I think that, at the moment, for me the ranking is:
1) Courtney Hicks=Elizaveta Tuktamysheva : now Courtney has improved the edge of her lutz and she has HUGE jumps, their height always strikes me, she has all the triples and she has also attempted a 4S, but Liza has a better technique in lutz and loop even if her flip is not as good as Courteny's, for me almost a lip.
2) Elena Radionova: she has all the triples, including the 3-3s 3Lo+3T, 3Lz+3T and 3F+1Lo+3S, even if the height of her jumps is not as good as Liza's or courtney's for me.
3) Gracie Gold: her jumps are as good as the others', but she has a lip and what she needs is consistency (one example: she landed her 3F+3T just two times, SD and CoR, out of five attempts: SD, US International Classics, SC, CoR and Nationals)
4) Agnes Zawadzki: she doesn't have the loop at the moment but she is able to do it (she landed it with a -0.5 GOE at the 2011 WJC SP), but what strikes me is the height of her 3T+3T and 3Lz, that's jumping!)
I don't now if Yu-Na deserves to be here: she doesn't have the loop (the last time that she actually landed it cleanily in competition was 2007) and her height is not as incredible as the others', but a 5th place for her should be correct.

The best jumpers in history:
1) Midori Ito: no doubts, she's still unmatched!
2) Miki Ando, I think: 4S, 3Lz+3Lo, 3F+3Lo, 3T+3T, she had all the most difficult jumps and combos and the consistency of her 3Lz in the late years was amazing
3) Mao Asada: everything she has accomplished puts Mao here, I think: her 3As' consistency has been beautiful, but she has a lot of problems with "e" and UR jumps
4) Tonya Harding: unfortunately, she didn't have consistency, but when she landed her jumps they were superbe!

What do you think?