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She was near 100% with the flip before the olympic season. Then it dropped to 50/50. This year, though, she's 100%, more than even her lutz or salchow.

Consistency should be adjusted for frequency when evaluating best jumper. Yuna has landed the greatest number of ISU ratified 3/3s among the ladies, particularly difficult ones in major competitions. That counts for something. She's not "just a great 3Lutz or toe jumper."
I don't like Yu-Na's salchow A LOT: for me, her technique in lutz AND flip is the best in the world (yes, even better than Liza's if we consider both the lutz and the flip), and the quality of her 3x+3T is superbe, but her salchow is not an excellent jump: I don't like the fact that she often loses most of her speed going out of it and that she doesn't finish the rotation in the air, but it's often pretty close to UR to me; however, I would put Yu-Na in 5th place in my ranking because of the height: what strikes me the most, wtaching the Ladies jump, is when they have great height, and Yu-Na's jumps are beautiful and very well-done but not that kind of that I personally love...