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Thread: Worst Ladies Quadrenial Ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
    Yes. Which is why neither the jumps alone, nor the in-betweens alone are really enough. What matters in the end, and what makes figure skating so special, is the whole package.

    But I see people very often focus on the jumps and put undue weight on them, whilst ignoring everything else (HI GMYERS). But TES and PCS is supposed to be a roughly 50/50 split.

    And you've just done exactly that. Mention the jumps but ignore the PCS. Sorry but that's not how this sport works. Everything counts. 2013 Euros was not a 'top jump' event.

    You could probably argue that Tuktamysheva was undermarked in relation to Kostner on some of the PCS but on ones like SS, PE or IN Kostner did deserve to absolutely destroy her.

    (Btw, top jump events died extremely quickly because they were so boring :P)

    Nobody is stopping the "lesser" skaters from improving the other aspects of their skating. Look at how Kostner skated at 2003 Euros. She was just hideous. Great jumps and nothing else. Shallow edges, hardly any connection to the music, stiff, awkward and wooden movements, generic choreography. Look at where she's at now.
    Look where kostner is now! 4 triples! That's all she did in her free skate! It is a grotesque thing to watch and barely got through it because the whole thing is a big why even bother watching some skater do 4 triples.
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