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This is totally wrong. I guess that's why the crowd at 2012 worlds in Nice was more than half empty (2000 persons, the worst attendance of the whole week for LPs) for dance and fully packed for ladies & men !
Ice dancing used to draw the most audiences all around the world under 6.0. Now it's only true for NA (guess why !).
Every team was interesting in their own way, the programs were very different and there was actually an interpretation even though the technical part wasn't as in your face and I agree the standart was less high (and even there, it depend what you're looking for, CDs quality has dropped dramatically since COP was introduced, no wonder why DomSha had easy time winning it in Vancouver).
Now we just have boring elements one after another, people doesn't have time left for interpretation (BroSoloviev and Weaver Poje FD from this season are great exemple of this : interpretation is only there the first and last 5 seconds of the FD, you can't know what was the idea behind those dance if you didn't learn it before seeing it ; not to mention D/W FD and V/M FD which could be skated to any just a bit dramatic piece, no story, no characters, nothing on the artistic side as it used to be seen) and just skate year after years the same routine with different music background (Belbin Agosto anyone ? Or Khokhlova Novitski). Even Pechalat Bourzat whom showed great promise on the artistic side at first sold themselves after 2008 to get more consistency. Now artistic mark is just another technical mark and judges can easily use it as they like to put who they want at the top.
Ice Dancing has no soul anymore. It's just the most boring event.
At least ice dancing is now more of an actual sport. There was no movement in the standings, and placements were chosen long before skaters stepped on the ice. Now teams actually have to skate well. I found many ice dancers to be overly dramatic and the performance aspect would far outweigh the technical aspect. The crowd at Nice was emptier because skating popularity in ice dance has declined as a whole.

DomShabs winning the CD in Vancouver was a good example of how judges had more flexibility to fix standings... but there was no hiding in the OD and FD when DomShabs were technically outskated by V/M and D/W.

I'd have to disagree about the final flight being a delight to watch. It was nice to watch, but I thought Carolina had a fantastic skate, but it was marred by how easy it was. There was no skater who really skated lights out... they just did what they needed to do to place. The final flight at the Olympics however was very exciting to watch because the skaters actually brought the technical chops.