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Thread: Worst Ladies Quadrenial Ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaginaryPogue View Post
    Of course, you get a skater like Kaetlyn Osmond, that has CLEARLY paid attention to the components aspect - she's a strong performer, competes technically challenging choreography loaded with transitions and actually has solid interpretation skills (her skating skills are below the top senior skaters, imo). And she's been rewarded for it with PCS.

    So it's weird to hear so much made in the way of excuses for the jumping beans with regards to PCS - as if because they're young, it's beyond their power to improve this aspect of the sport; as if the judges are inherently wrong to say they have poor choreography because they land the jumps.
    Kaetlyn is a nice exception. Being so new on the scene, I for sure thought that she would be held back this entire season by the judges. She's lucky to have had home ice in SC, and Nebelhorn, she had to win because her competitors couldn't match her technically.

    The judges aren't wrong by saying they have poor choreography, but they are creating a gap in something as subjective as artistry that it doesn't matter if one skater skates well and the other skates poorly... what if a junior skater lands all 7 triples and gets a 5.7 for Technical Merit, and because they're junior in their choreo/speed/performance gets a 5.1. Then you get a senior skater who steps out of 3 of her jumps and falls on one, lands only 2 triples and a double axel, and gets a 5.3 for Technical Merit but her artistry is better gets a 5.6 for presentation thus placing ahead of the younger skater?

    The same is happening with this judging system. A top skater will automatically get 10-15 points higher PCS which is the equivalent of 3 or 4 triples... forget mistakes on her triples, the senior skater with said PCS advantage could omit 3 or 4 triples from her performance and it would still theoretically earn the same points as a younger skater who lands 7 triples.
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