Got this e-mail in March from Allan Gordon, Communications assistant to SkateCanada
Hi Chris, (ref buses and shuttles)

“Thank you for your interest and your inquiry.

At this moment, we have not yet decided whether a shuttle bus option will be made available. If a shuttle bus service will exist, there will likely be a fee to ride this bus which would be unique to those who have tickets to the World Championships. In addition, there would be a chance that the shuttle service may run equally or less frequently than the public transportation.

However, the great news is that the local bus system will be free to those who present their Worlds2013 pass.
As of now, this is all of the information we have available. Please note that any information regarding a shuttle bus is tentative and still to be determined. In order to stay informed, be sure to keep up to date on and as well as Skate Canada on Facebook and twitter (@skatecanada).

Thanks again for your inquiry. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.”

Today, I got this….From London Transit

Hi Chris:
Thank you for emailing London Transit. The participates and volunteers will have special passes to board the bus but as a ticket holder you will have to pay. You can pay exact cash which is $2.75 or adults tickets which sell at 5 tickets for $9.50. You can purchase the tickets at the White Oaks Mall at the International News Stand or the Lottery Tickets Centre. If you require additional information please don't hesitate to contact customer service at 519-451-1340.
Thank you,
Sally McManus, Customer Service Representative

Don't you just love it when a high ranking person from an event tells us one thing and the transportation system tells us another????
Go to the official website, click on the London tab, and then click on the Transportation tab. You will get a parking map. That’s it. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.