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I was only able to catch the last 4 routines - Castelli & Shnapir, Max Aaron, Ashley Wagner, & Davis & White

Castelli & Shnapir did their "I'm Feeling Good" routine with the really fabulous head banger with Marissa doing flying arm motions while being swung around by the feet. They've had this number for quite a while, but it's always thrilling.

Aaron skated, wearing a white T Shirt with sleeve tattoos (or else he really has sleeve tattoos) to "Black Betty." I believe he has had this exhibition for a while. He must have been tired or something, because most of the jumps were not well landed-I've lost track of the schedule, but was the men's just before the gala? If so I quite understand. He had some interaction or other with a fan in the audience.

I've got to admit, I don't remember what Ashley skated to at all.

Meryl & Charlie skated to "Melt Into You," a brand new number for them. (And thank goodness, because I was way beyond tired of their Adele number.) They have been working on the "acting on ice" part of ice dance this year, and this exhibition definitely is part of that effort. You could see the newness in spots, but I thought it was fabulous too.
The tattoo sleeves were fake lol. I saw them up close.

I actually thought it was good. It was really entertaining compared to the Disson shows anyway. I can barely watch those anymore.