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I agree!

I don't really like Julia's jumps. Compared to Gracie's or Liza's, her jumps' quality is really bad and I think she might even lose some of her jumps as she grows up, gains more weight. Even Liza had to suffer with some of her jumps, it's going to be more tough for Julia. Well, so only thing Julia would have by 2018 is her spins, and girls like Gracie and Elena are able to get level four for their spins, and also, some GOEs. Gracie IMO should receive higher SS, and SS was only thing great about Julia besides her spins. She'll be far behind Gracie or even Liza by 2018 if she doesn't change her jumps, and would not receive any medals at all at 2018 Olympics, if she's going to compete there.
Her jumps are good. Not great, but good...She doesn't NEED to change it to win...She just have to be cautious with her food and avoid filling out)) Right now she's great for what she does