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Thread: Whatever happened to Mira Leung?

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    Whatever happened to Mira Leung?

    What has Mira Leung been up to since her days as a competitor? And what is Mother Leung doing to occupy herself without Mira to coach (and Joanne McLeod to argue with)? She was one of ladies skating's more unusual semi-stars. Not unlike her onetime rink-mate Emanuel Sandhu, she followed the beat of her own drummer. Some called her the Elvis Stojko of the ladies event, but she turned out to be a bit more complicated than Elvis.

    A major issue raised about Mira in the press was how controlling her mother was. This is a common theme in the sport, but Mrs. Leung caused unusually large headaches for coach Joanne McLeod. From 2006-2009, Mira's career involved getting fired yearly by her coach. Her skating itself was interesting for her jumps, particularly the bizarre take offs that Dick Button seemed to find special. She had abundant athletic talent.

    2008 Canadian nationals SP

    2008 Skate America FS

    2009 Canadian nationals SP

    She is young for a retired skater (if she is officially retired), and I wouldn't be surprised if she is in school or now figuring out her next move. It's good to see she was as of 2010 continuing to capitalize on her name recognition in Canada. Mira was in a 2010 fashion benefit for heart disease.
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