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Cesario is my pick to win JR. worlds.

Her PCS should put her in a comfortable lead.

Oddly enough I don't see Radianova on the podium with her tiny jumps... especially when you have other skaters who are going to jump higher and skate faster.
You're just joking, right? Radionova WILL win Junior Worlds, unless she bombs one of the programs (and she's been skating almost clean all season long)... I love Cesario's style and her programs this year but without a 3-3 there's no way for her to reach the top3 in the SP and with 6 triples in the FS her TES will be considerably lower than radionova's or Lipnitskaya's (they both plan 7 triples+two 2As), and especially considering that the judges usually don't give her really high PCS (even if she deserves it), she would be lucky if she came close to the top5...