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However, her 3F-3L is not looking good. In her first combination the flip is not shown well so I don't know about this jump but the 3L is underrotated. In the second combination the 3F would probably be underrotated and the loop definitely downgraded.
Really? I thought it was as if she overrotated her loop in the first attempt shown and hence couldn't control the landing. The height she got on that loop was pretty impressive. As for the second attempt, hard to know if it would be ratified or not. Just have to see, but it would be pretty amazing if it were.

Reports are that Mao was practicing 3F-3T as well. I hope a clip will be shown. It would be amazing if Mao did that combo as well, though if she can succeed in getting her 3F-3L ratified reasonably well, there wouldn't be any place to do that combo.

I'm not expecting a flawless performance at 4CC. But even if she under-rotates some of her jumps, if she can do enough to indicate that she has a good chance of successfully completing a 8 triple program next season, I will jump for joy.