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It was easy to see how confident and comfortable Mao looked, skating on home ice. The only 'competition' Mao had was the other Japanese skaters. They were still no competition.

Mao skated quite badly at NHK 2012 and should have lost to Suzuki, but Mao won anyway. No matter what Akiko did on the ice at 4CC, Mao was bound to win.

Murakami is a charming skater but she has a weird pick technique and a serious UR problem. Kanako isn't competition for an 'ON' Suzuki, let alone Mao.

Downplaying Mao's victory. Why? No need she had worthy competitors and she won by 15 points. By the way, she did it by taking a risk. What is interesting is that the same prople who criticzied mao for supposely watering down her content are now down playing her victory