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Bloody hell! Kostner's SP is one of the best programs in the history of skating. Everything is near perfect and the attention to detail throughout is just astounding. I can find only one negative thing about this program and it's the long entry into 3toe/3toe and quite long entry into 2axel. But even on those jumps, she has transitions coming out. Amazing, amazing performance.

Decent FS as well. Shame about the two pops but those two performances would surely be enough for bronze or even silver at Worlds.
I love Carolina's SP as well, I think it's the best SP of all the 3 top ladies this season. Great music, coreography, quality, everything. I really appreciate the fact that she is trying a 3F+3T combination in the FS, even with the UR, and has her great 3lz back. I love skaters that try really difficult things and challenge themselves. The one thing I don't like is her FS coreography. I've seen so many interpretations of Bolero, and that is not a very good one. But the judges seem to love it for some reason. I can't get it. Her choreography last season was much better, imo. Anyway, she has a real shot for the gold medal again. I never thought it was possible with Kim and Mao at full strenght, but it is a reality right now. I can't wait for the Ladies competition at Worlds!