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You really liked the way that Tutberidze was working with her? I don't think she did, otherwise she would have never left her. Someone reported that Tutberidze was really nasty to her, although Shelepen refused to talk about it on any public forum.
But with Tutberidze Polina did all the jumps and two 3-3 in the LP even during grown spurts and puberty, had good levels of the non-jumping elements, improved her PCS (I think her last year LP was a big step forward for her), was healthy and fought for every element. With Sokolovskaya she can't jump anything, got injured and has a terrible season. And it's not even puberty, she came to Sokolovskaya pretty much grown up.

Back to the topic: I'm really impressed with Maria Sotskova and it's nice to see not only new talented skaters, but new coaches as well. Her coach doesn't have a big name yet, but Maria is a good all-around skater with great jumps, spins and interesting programs, I think she will do well at the JGP. As for Seraphima, she is just unique, I really really hope puberty won't hit her hard, this girl is exceptional. And I always had a soft spot for Evgenia Medvedeva
Adelina and Liza are strong seniors now, next year Julia will join them I think. And then Elena... Such a pity there won't be enough spots for all of them, but on the other hand it means that the ones who makes it through Nationals will be the best of the best