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going to Sokolovskaya was the end of her career, Shelepen is done, she might announce retirement next season
Polina K. can still compete for a few more seasons and see if she can bounce back
Shelepen is injured and dealing with a new coaching relationship. Given the depth in Russia, yes, it will be hard for her to make European and World teams, but come on, she's 17, she's not done, last season she was regularly landing 7 triples and 2 double axels in her FS! She still has a lot of potential if she can regain that form. She does need to improve in components, but that is not as difficult to learn as a 3lz-3t which she is already capable of. And I think some of her issues may still be puberty based. She grew a lot a couple years ago but she's even taller now. Her ISU bio says she's 163 cm but watching her skate it's clear she's well above that now, no way is Adelina anywhere close to as tall as her, Shelepen is likely 165 minimum and more likely closer to 170 cm. Her height may cause her trouble but she's also a great technician and has time to adjust, and may well do so once she gets used to her more mature body type. I wouldn't write her off just yet, she's a fighter, she has the jumps, she's improved her basics and spins over the years, and she has a beautiful long, thin physique that the judges will like when she delivers. Give her time..