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Thread: Bavarian Open 2013 - Obertsdorf, 6-11.02

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    Bavarian Open 2013 - Obertsdorf, 6-11.02

    Starting Order/Results

    An absolutely incredible amount of entries. I am really surprised given Obertsdorf is not easy to get to. I guess this is the last attempt for many skaters to reach the Worlds minimum score.

    29 Senior Men (Nakamura, Oda, Hendrickx returning from injury, Pfeifer, voidy Mattick et al)!
    38 (!!!) Senior Ladies (Hecken, Weinzierl, McCorkell, Nishino, Maxwell, Olsson et al)!
    10 Senior Pairs (Della Monica/Guarise, Antipova/Maisuradze, Stolbova/Klimov et al)!
    21 Senior Ice Dance teams (Kolbe/Caruso, Zhiganshina/Gazsi, Coomes/Buckland, Tobias/Stagniunas, Pushkash/Guerreiro et al)!

    20 Junior Men, 50 Junior Ladies (!!!), 7 Pair teams, 33 Junior Ice Dance teams (!!!), 12 Novice Boys, 56 Novice Girls (!!!)


    Looking through the entries:

    Senior Men
    Armenian Hayrapetyan brothers are back. I don't remember them competing a lot (if at all) this season so far.
    This will be the first competition for Hendrickx since returning from injury (with Challenge Cup to follow soon after).
    I feel really sorry for Gaylord Lavoiser. Nursery and school probably weren't very much fun. :/
    Harry Mattick is awesome and I hope he can skate another clean SP but a better FS than at Nordics.

    Senior Ladies
    I hope Couwenberg can land her jumps and come closer to reaching the minimum Worlds scores. She's such a stunning, elegant skater.
    Hecken will skate against Weinzierl and I wonder whether whoever will come on top be sent to Worlds?

    Senior Pairs
    This will be the first competition for Siudeks' trained Foucher/Magyar (with Challenge Cup to follow soon).
    Lech/Tyc and Klatka/Chruscinski will finally skate against each other and I hope the winner goes to Junior Worlds.
    First international comp for the new team Antipova/Maisuradze, I think.

    Senior Ice Dance

    First event for Tobias/Stagniunas since missing Euros because of his injury.

    There is a Novice Girl from Luxembourg which is nice to see because Maxwell has been this country's lone representative for a long time now.
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