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OMG! When she was a jumping bean, she couldn't do 3F-3Lo and 2A-3T cleanly together. I'm afraid this is too ambitious. Kudo to her, though. This is insane. A great program + incredible TES = history.
Actually her 2A-3T is more reliable now than it was when she was a junior (even if it's still prone to UR, it's still better than before). And she has the 3S back(not consistent but she landed it 3 out of 5 this season). I know her jumps deteriorated a lot but since I am nervous about her layout I try to focus on the positive aspects. It is a very, very ambitious jump layout. But IF she hits, imagine the score that would make things much more interesting at worlds and probably Kostner will have to bring back her gorgeous 3F-3T back which she landed beautifully in practice at Euros. And maybe that's gonna stop the criticism both Caro and Mao received lately