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I read somewhere that the success on the 3A was not so good: 5 out of 14. This makes me think she rushes things and she's not ready. Anyway, fingers crossed she'll nail it in the competition!
According to a different source, Mao attempted 3A 6 times and landed it cleanly 4 times. I think FujiTV might ave counted her double axels as failed triple axels, or something. They also said she's planning 3F-3T in her SP & LP;
According to this ( http://www.daily.co.jp/newsflash/gen...05727691.shtml ) article, Mao had a clean run-through (as in, no falls or pops).
Also, Yukari Nakano interviewed coach Sato, wo said that he can't know how the competition will turn out, but Mao's jumps are good in practice so far.

I think Mao's jump layout is a bit crazy, but if she wants to test her abilities in an actual competition, there probably will be no better opportunity. I don't expect perfection, but I'm very impressed with her courage and the sheer amount of work she must have put into being able to have clean run-throughs with such challenging content in such a short time.